New UFC signees have familiar last names, but Pettis & Rosholt have skills to excel on thier own

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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sergio_pettisRemember when Ken Griffey and Barry Bonds—and Ozzie Canseco—were first breaking into the big league? No? Well, that’s because it was ancient history. But there was always a little extra buzz surrounding “new” guys who happen to be from a successful family. The UFC has just waded into those waters again in the past few days with a couple fairly big signings.

A couple younger brothers with impressive résumés have just inked UFC deals. Jared Rosholt—brother of former UFC middle weight Jake Rosholt; and Sergio Pettis—brother of current UFC lightweight champ Anthony Pettis—have made their way to the big time.

While most fans certainly know about Rosholt’s older brother, it’s Jared’s wrestling background that makes him most interesting to fans. He is the all-time winningest heavyweight to ever wrestle at Oklahoma State, arguably the best college wrestling program in history. At just 27, he’s still young enough to make a major impact in the UFC. He’s 8-1 in his pro MMA career and continues to improve his all around game. As with any high-level athlete in the heavyweight division, I am eagerly waiting to see what this guy can do in the octagon. His first fight will be at the TUF 18 Finale against fellow newcomer, Walter Harris.

Like Rosholt, Sergio Pettis comes to the UFC with a solid surname. In fact, timing is perfect for the undefeated 20 year old to really take advantage of the Pettis name. But as always, it will be Sergio’s own accomplishments that will keep him in the UFC for years to come. He shared a similar athleticism of his more famous brother, and that should be reason enough for fans to rally behind this potential phenom. Pettis will debut opposite Vaughan Lee at UFC 167.

An athlete’s last name can certainly generate a fan base and some extra hype and curiosity. But with both Rosholt and Pettis, it seems that they have plenty of credentials to succeed on their own merits for quite some time in the sport. Only time will tell if they can overcome “Ozzie Canseco” syndrome and step beyond the achievements of their older siblings.


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