Update on New York’s MMA ban

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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nymmaThere were once two sure bets when it came to things you would never see happen in the state of New York…Anthony Weiner becoming mayor and a UFC event. While Weiner lost his bid in spectacular fashion last month, Dana White and company were given a glimmer of hope that a UFC even in NY may be possible. 

A federal district court judge denied the New York Attorney General’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by the UFC and several of its fighters arguing that the ban is unconstitutional.

The state has allowed exemptions in the past to martial arts competitions sanctioned by organizations such as the World Kickboxing Association but has been adamant about keeping out the UFC. The home state of Champions Jon Jones and Chris Weidman, New York is the only state in the nation with an athletic commission ban on the sport of mixed martial arts.

The UFC has argued that the sport has evolved significantly since the ban was enacted and should be overturned. White said he would have four events a year in the state if they ended up passing a law sanctioning the sport. This latest development is indeed good news but you can never predict how things will go when you throw politicians into the mix.


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