Trimmer Nelson wants to steal Cormier’s LHW title shot with a Win

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

ROY-NELSON-1Well this is a little bit of a shocker. Earlier this week, Roy Nelson released a picture of himself that revealed a much slimmer frame. Then he spoke to Bloody Elbow about the weight loss and what he plans to do with his new look. Essentially, he plans to not only defeat Daniel Cormier at UFC 166; but he also wants to take Cormier’s place as the top contender at 205 pounds.

“I figure that I’ll get down to 205 faster than Daniel,” Nelson explained. “If I beat Daniel, wouldn’t I get a title shot?” That seemed highly unlikely a few months ago. Nelson’s weight would have made that statement a joke. But looking at him now, he appears to be so trim that a drop to light heavyweight isn’t completely out of the question.

Cormier was told he’d probably be next in line for champ Jon Jones if he’s able to beat Nelson. “Big Country” thinks it’s only fair that he too be considered for that slot. “I’m hearing that if he beats me, he’s supposed to get a title shot at 205. He gets to jump to the front of the line. I’m all about jumping to the front of the line. My mode of thinking is that he’s number 2, and if I beat him, my next step after that would be to fight for the belt, in either division.”

One big monkey wrench in the equation is Alexander Gustafsson’s performance against Jones at UFC 165. He pushed Jones like no one has before, and for that he’ll almost undoubtedly get a rematch after (and if) Jones defends his belt against Glover Teixeira in early 2014. That fact puts both Cormier and Nelson on the outside looking in when it comes to thinking about securing a fight with Jones.


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