TUF ep. 5: Cody Bollinger compares his dad to Ronda’s mom & talks about the “Dodgeball Olga” prank they didn’t show on TV

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Interviews, The Ultimate Fighter
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bollingerHere’s our next installment with Cody Bollinger. This week we discussed several topics including the Louie vs. Davey fight, the Sesame Street “Count” prank, and some interesting stuff about cutting and staying on weight. Watching Ronda’s mom take part in this episode also gave us a chance to talk about Cody’s unique situation of being a second generation pro mixed martial artist. Cody’s dad, Frankie was a former King of the Cage champion so hearing Cody tell some tales of his early days as a youngster fighting was pretty enlightening as well.

Early in this episode, Racquel was talking about some issues she had earlier in her life about being gay. Was that ever an issue in the house with any of the cast members?

As far as I knew, nobody in the house had a problem with it. It didn’t seem to bother anybody in any way. It was a real cool bunch of people in the house. There weren’t really any arrogant people who always had something to say about everybody.

One funny scene was during a Truth or Dare game. They bleeped it out, but did I hear correctly? Did Josh tell Roxanne, “Nice shoes; wanna fuck?”

(Laughs) Yeah man, that was his line to her. That was pretty funny to watch because of how Roxanne is. And then her reply back to him was pretty funny in itself. It was cool watching that; a good way to pass the time.

Were you involved in the game?

I was not. I was sitting back watching, but I didn’t have to do anything thankfully.

This episode showed a lot of chowing down of some kind of gooey, cheesy goodness. Maybe some kind of lasagna or something.

Yeah, yeah…enchiladas!

Speaking of all that food, who would you say had the hardest time cutting weight to 135?

I’d say besides me, probably Anthony. Me and Anthony were definitely the heavier guys. You know they showed my weight at (one) 57 and a half.

Right because whenever we’ve talked before TUF, you always fought at 145. What kinds of changes are there dropping down another 10 pounds?

I’ve changed my diet and I’ve definitely cut some muscle mass to make 35. It’s an eight week strict diet. It’s definitely a tough cut, and I’ve lost a little muscle out of it. It’s basically the same diet, just a little longer.

So you were 157 ½ and you’ll weigh in at 135. What’s your fighting weight when you step into the cage?

I know the next day after I weighed in for the preliminary fight I was at 155. The reason I was so heavy when they showed it—and of course they were trying to make it look dramatic—that was in the first couple days of being in the house and I had JUST finished my third gallon of water within like a six hour time span. I was just full, full, full of water. That’s the reason I was so high. When I’m dieting and I’m not water-loading, I hit about 160 before I have to cut. So that was them making some drama.

One of the big themes of this episode was the visit from Ronda’s mom. Were you around her at all or was it just for Team Rousey?  

We got to talk to her and hang out a little bit. They mostly showed her at the house with Rousey’s team obviously, but she hung out with all of us. She was real cool to everybody; she’s a cool person.

And of course, she’s not just Ronda’s mom. She’s also a judo champion. And that scenario also reminded me of your own situation. Your dad was a KOTC champion. You are a second generation athlete. Can you draw any similarities from Ronda’s appearance on the show and your own experiences competing at a young age?

I definitely agree. My dad’s not a lifer like Ronda’s mom, but I’d say it’s exactly along the same lines.

Do you have any similar type stories as the ones Ronda shared about her early days competing, for example when she competed with injuries and with hostile crowds, and such?

Yeah, that happened all the time. When I fought to get into the house, I had a broken toe and a few other things I’m trying to keep a secret still. But things like that didn’t even bother me. I worked through it so easily because my whole life…if it wasn’t something that needed surgery, you know, “suck it up,” “you’ll be okay,” “it will pay off later.” He wasn’t as tough on me as Ronda’s mom comes off, but he definitely had the same mentality. Obviously if I broke an arm, he’d throw a cast on it and give me some time off though! But I’ve torn ligaments in my arm and we’ve wrapped it up and just did as much as we could.

One thing I thought has been odd about this season is the absence of pranks. But we finally got one with Miesha’s Sesame Street Count prank on Edmund. I thought it was funny and pretty harmless, but they treated it like Edmund might go crazy if he saw it.

dodgeballBasically, I didn’t think it was a big deal. The part they didn’t show though…You’ve seen Dodgeball with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn? So you know that giant Russian chick with the uni-brow, Olga or whatever? (Editor’s note: I looked it up and that character’s name was actually “Fran,” although I was shocked to learn it wasn’t Olga). They printed out a bunch of pictures and had them laminated and wrote “RONDA AND EDMUND’S LOVE CHILD” and they plastered the whole UFC gym with like a hundred of them! They didn’t show that part, but I think that was the part that they were worried about Edmund seeing. It was pretty crazy (laughs).

I also read somewhere that Jessamyn thought that prank was bullying. Is she overstating it?

Eh, pranks are pranks. The only thing I didn’t like about it was when you saw the coaches running off, making sure nobody knew it was the coaches. I mean, if I’m gonna do a prank, I’m gonna make sure I see the person’s reaction. That’s the whole reason you do a prank. But they kinda skipped out. It was like childish almost. It’s like, hey you did a funny prank. Everybody on our team thought it was funny and they (the coaches) kind of let us (the fighters) take the blame for it. We’re waiting for our van ride as Team Rousey’s coming in, and our coaches leave 20 minutes earlier than they usually do, so they don’t run into the other coaches. It’s like, you know, that’s kinda lame. Whatever.

Lastly, Louie and Davey fought. Davey seemed like one of the tougher guys on Rousey’s team and he really showed it. At this point in the show, was your team also thinking he was the one to beat from Rousey’s team?

Yeah definitely. They really haven’t shown it, but I was supposed to be the first fight. Miesha changed her mind like 30 seconds before she made the pick. I was supposed to fight Davey from the beginning because I was the biggest guy on my team; I had the best wrestling; and they thought that would be a good matchup for me. So that was THE guy they were worried about. Louie is tough man. The way he came out against Holdsworth, he didn’t care who Holdsworth was. He came out and did everything he could to win that fight. He was throwing punches, dropping bombs, and he got out of every submission he could until he got caught. The same Louie did NOT show up to that fight (against Davey). I don’t know what it was, and I’m not saying Louie could have beat him, but it could’ve been a much closer fight. He just didn’t show up to fight that day and it’s a shame. I don’t know if it was choking but whatever it was, he doesn’t perform. It kind of pissed me off, but at the same time I still felt bad for him. You know, you show up for fight day and you fight your ass off. And if you don’t, you see what happens. I learned that lesson twice you know.

Hearing you talk about that part of the game, it reminds me…I had to write an article on Uriah Hall earlier this week. Is that reasonable comparison?

Yeah exactly. I agree 100%. Guys like that who you know can perform on a much higher level. But just that one day, they just don’t fight the way they can. It happens in practice a lot. It’s something that happens. It’s happened to me before. God forbid it happens again to me. It happened to him, but you know…it’s the TUF show.

Cody, thank again for your time. Your weekly interviews have been very popular so far, so everyone seems to really be enjoying your work here.

That’s awesome. That’s exciting to hear. Thank you!


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