Thiago Silva misses weight — keeps cutting his own throat with the UFC

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

thiagosilvaSometimes no matter how many chances a guy gets, he just can’t get it right. UFC problem child Thiago Silva missed weight today leading up to his light heavyweight scrap with Matt Hamill tomorrow night. He initially weighed in at 208 pounds. After another 45 minutes, he decided he would not be able to drop the last 2 pounds needed to get to the 206 pound maximum.

Silva should already be in the UFC’s permanent doghouse, and has already been suspended twice in the past two years. Once for failing a drug test and another time for turning in “falsified” urine. Both of those incidents not only earned suspensions, but also took away wins over Brandon Vera and Stanislov Nedkov.

This latest mishap will also cost Silva some money. He will forfeit 25% of his purse to Hamill; and it will also prevent him from winning any of the fight night bonuses.

Look, I never really liked this guy. Factoring in his overturned “victories,” we’re looking at a guy who’s won twice since 2008. He beat Rafael Cavalcante in June and Keith Jardine in August of 09. That’s quite a dry spell. Not to mention, when he beat Jardine, Silva showboated by staring an unconscious Jardine (isn’t that redundant anyway?) and doing his throat-cut move that everyone “loves.”

It actually reminded me of a light hitting middle infielder who finally hits a homerun with the wind blowing out 60 miles per hour in a blowout game; and then sachets around the bases in about 18 minutes.

Anyway, Silva isn’t going out of his way to make fans. If Hamill defeats Silva, there’s a very good chance he’ll get cut—if for no other reason than he’s never going to be a contender; and he’s really worn out his welcome.


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