Only 10 UFC Fighters have EVER Headlined a PPV with 1 Million+ Buys

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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brockbeardDid you know the UFC hasn’t reached 1 million buys on a PPV since July 3, 2010? GSP/Diaz came close—about 950k. And so did Silva/Sonnen II—925,000. But the million mark continues to be a distant memory. According to most sources I find, there have been a total of seven UFC PPVs that have reached one million buys. Those seven are as follows.

Liddell/Ortiz II (UFC 66)
Lesnar/Couture (UFC 91)
Griffin/Evans (UFC 92)
Lesnar/Mir II (UFC100)
Evans/Jackson (UFC 114)
Lesnar/Carwin (UFC 116)
Lesnar/Velasquez (UFC 121)

Interestingly, there are ONLY 10 fighters to have ever headlined a PPV drawing at least 1 million buys…

Brock Lesnar (4 times)
Rashad Evans (2 times)
Chuck Liddell
Tito Ortiz
Randy Couture
Frank Mir
Rampage Jackson
Forrest Griffin
Shane Carwin
Cain Velasquez

Shockingly, Evans has done it twice. Not so shockingly, Lesnar has done it four times. Just as interesting, is the fact that Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre are absent from this list. Both have come close, as mentioned. And in fairness, GSP did co-headline UFC 100 which no doubt helped the buyrate considerably.

Looking at these numbers, you have to wonder if reaching a million buys is even the goal anymore. It seems like they’ll reach that number again, but only as a huge exception to the rule. In 2013, the last 3 PPV events COMBINED haven’t even reached the million mark. And that includes the 550k (very good by today’s standards) Silva/Weidman (UFC 162) pulled in.

If you remove that one from the discussion, UFC 160, 161, 163 and 164 only sold a total of 970,000. Pretty interesting numbers.

  1. […] of all that, Brock Lesnar’s name keeps coming up. Lesnar is/was considered the biggest draw in UFC history and is at least partly responsible for several of the highest-rated PPV’s the UFC has seen. […]

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