Fight Night Bonus for Worst Call-Out goes to Fabio Maldonado

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

Maldonado-Fabio-UFC120-1Fabio Maldonado is an accomplished boxer and a pretty darn tough mixed martial artist. I had to get that out of the way. Now, if there was an award for craziest call-out of the night, Maldonado would surely win it. Coming into his fight with Joey Beltran, Maldonado had won just one of his last four bouts, including taking a severe beating from top LHW contender Glover Teixeira.

Before getting the victory last night, Maldonado’s only UFC wins have been against Roger Hollett and James McSweeney. I bring up these facts because after getting the win, he decided to call someone out that made me laugh—Chael Sonnen.

Maldonado fans—and Sonnen detractors—please don’t start telling me how Maldonado might actually beat Sonnen. This is a laughable call-out.

Not only is Sonnen one of the top ranked fighters in two divisions, but he’s also one of the biggest stars in the sport. Like him or not, he’s become a marketable, top-of-the-card guy for the UFC. Taking a fight with Fabio Maldonado is probably not on the top of Sonnen’s to-do list.

I’ll give Maldonado credit though. Why not call out a guy like Sonnen?

Although he likely knows that fight will never happen, he did add a second name to his call-out list—James TeJuna. TeJuna just lost to Teixeira and his next fight is against legend Shogun Rua. Let me give Maldonado a suggestion—how bout Anthony Perosh or Ovince St. Preux?


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