Dana White says hit the road … forever!

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

palhares2UPDATE: According to Jeremy Schaap, Dana White has issued a lifetime ban on Rousimar Palhares. I guess that’s what happens when you repeatedly act like a dumbass. I’m guessing he’ll be looking for a fight with Paul Daley next.


UFC Fight Night 29 is now in the books and from what I’ve been hearing, no one is too sad about that event being over, if you know what I’m saying. There was plenty to be critical about—ranging from visibly out-of-shape fighters (more than one) to several fights that could have seriously induced mass narcolepsy throughout the MMA world—but one thing stood out as being the “worst thing of the night.”

Rousimar Palhares. It’s no secret that this guy is a loose cannon. But his actions continue to prove he may in fact be far less “loose cannon” than he is just mentally unstable. Last night he capped off a devastating win over tough guy Mike Pierce is resounding fashion—it took him only 31 seconds to lock in his patented heel hook—with another unnecessary bush league display of holding onto the submission far too long.

You may say “sure he held on a little long, but only a couple seconds.” But when you add this incident to his long list of other bizarre antics, it all adds up to this guy being a complete idiot. Let’s go back in history and see what else Palhares has done that made us all go “WTF?”

He’s been suspended before for holding onto a submission too long—against Tomasz Drwal at UFC 111. He was most recently suspended following his loss to Hector Lombard for testing for elevated levels of testosterone. There were similar actions during the 2011 ADCC finals when he also found himself in a ton of controversy for puzzling behavior and dirty fighting.

And then there’s the in-cage antics. Remember the Nate Marquardt fight? If not let me explain it to you. Early in the fight, Palhares went for Marquardt’s leg. Nate avoided the hold and stepped out of it. Apparently, Palhares thought that once he grabs someone’s leg, they are supposed to just start tapping. Instead Marquardt easily escaped and Palhares immediately started complaining to the ref—while still sitting/laying on the ground—that Nate must be greasing. As you might guess, Marquardt, a veteran of dozens of wars around the world, took advantage by knocking Palhares senseless.

Remember the Dan Miller fight? That’s when this guy dropped Miller with a big punch and a couple follow-up shots. Again acting as the ref, he hilariously stopped punching, climbed the cage and started celebrating! One BIG problem—the fight wasn’t over.

Seriously, this guy is probably not right in the head. He consistently does stupid shit and then looks genuinely confused when he gets in trouble. He’s probably looking at another suspension—or worse. He lost a $50,000 SubOTN bonus and it’s very possible Dana White just tells this dude to pack his bags—which is likely a garbage bag with a few soiled t-shirts and a gi. I say good riddance.

  1. […] direction. In case you’ve been in cave the past week or so, Rousimar Palhares was fired over his repeated misconduct while in the UFC. The most recent malfeasance came last week when he (again) held onto a leg lock […]

  2. […] Rousimar Palhares has had his share of troubles in the past. Failed drug tests, unwillingness to release holds in a timely manner, and overall bizarre behavior. Following his most recent UFC fight against Mike Pierce, Dana white finally had enough and released him—in fact, White banned him for life. […]

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