More on Palhares release (No, I didn’t say “moron Palhares released”)

Posted: October 11, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

palharesmemeWe have more details on the Rousimar Palhares release. He spoke through his manager and through Twitter and gave his thoughts on the punishment handed down. Palhares’ manager Alex Davis told MMA Fighting, “He says he let go when the ref intervened.” Interesting, because he didn’t.

“He did not mean to injure Pierce, or anyone else for that matter,” Davis continued. “He does not feel he should suffer anymore punishment, but he will abide by whatever the CABMMA [the Brazilian athletic commission] says.”

The punishment was two-fold. First, he was denied a submission of the night bonus of $50,000. Second, Dana White announced the following day that Palhares is “done,” for repeated incidents of unsportsmanlike conduct and brushes with the commission. Remember, he’s already been suspended twice before—once for holding a submission too long, and once for testing for elevated testosterone levels.

“It’s really unconscious,” Davis added. “He can’t explain it. He accepts any punishment, but at the same time, he says he doesn’t mean to hurt anyone or anything. [He’s] just trying to end the fight.” Sounds like Lenny from “Of Mice and Men.” Or Frankenstein.

Palhares tweeted as well. Here’s the first one…

I never meant to hurt anyone, as a jiu-jitsu fighter I always seek for the submission, but I would never be evil to any athlete.

And here’s another one…

I always respect the @UFC decisions, but most of most I respect a lot Mike Pierce, so again I never meant to hurt him, just finish the fight

And now he’ll be able to tell that story as he’s walking out of the UFC.


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