If a PPV happens and no one watches … does it still stink?

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

bjorn_rebneyIs Bellator falling apart right before our eyes? Some would question whether they were ever viable enough to call this latest bit of terrible news a “downfall” anyway. But I can’t help but wonder if this “big” splash into the world of PPV might be their last hurrah.

We are now hearing that only about 1,700 tickets have been sold for the event. So much for the selling power of Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz I guess. Or maybe Bellator fans just like to wait till the last minute? Either way, Bellator is really in trouble here. The arena supposedly holds about 13,000 fans and with only a couple weeks remaining till the event, they aren’t even close. Right now Jerry Sandusky has more fans than Bellator.

Looking at the site, tickets are priced between $50 and $265. I guess the price point is too high? Maybe if they sold them in the $8 range like a WNBA game people would show up out of boredom. And as far as how many people will pay to watch the event on PPV at home…I’m not predicting a very high number.

Look at what they’ve tried to put together. Tito vs. Rampage (their two biggest “stars”); THREE title fights—including the biggest fight Bellator can make (Chandler vs. Alvarez); the championship bout from their reality show Fight Master; and a bunch of other fights on Spike.com. Say what you will about the depth of Bellator’s roster, but quite honestly, this is the bet can offer. If this fails—and it will—what else is there?

Hey fans, Bjorn Rebney just listed Bellator on eBay. Opening big $19.99, no reserve.


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