Dana White on Nick Diaz: “He doesn’t want to fight”

Posted: October 18, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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DanaVIGSo maybe Michael Bisping isn’t a big enough name to lure Nick Diaz out of retirement after all. It was believed—thanks to teammate Gilbert Melendez, mostly—that Nick would return for the right fight against the right opponent. When Bisping stepped up, everyone assumed it was a matter of time before Diaz decided to move out of Del Boca Vista retirement home and got back into the cage.

Dana White was approached during a media scrum in Houston yesterday and kinda contradicted that idea. “I love that fight,” he said. “I like it. But everything I hear from Nick Diaz is he doesn’t want to fight.”

Diaz is just 1-2 since his return to the UFC, but his opponents have all been big-time names—Penn, Condit, St-Pierre. That makes Mike Kogan’s comments about the situation somewhat puzzling.

Kogan, Nate Diaz’s manager, told MMA Fighting, “I don’t know about Nick. I think he’s just in the mindset of staying in shape and looking for the right fight. He spent a long time fighting anybody that the organization offered him. I think he’s just kinda matured enough to kinda be like, ‘Hey, wait a minute. I want these other guys that just sit around and wait and talk and get themselves into the right fights. I don’t want to just fight whoever.’”

I’m not sure what he’s talking considering the level of fights Nick has been given since his return. He was had a title shot handed to him even after losing the Condit fight. Are there bigger fights that Diaz could be taking instead of an interim world title fight, a world title fight and a fight with a sure-fire UFC hall of famer? Either way, our wait to see Nick Diaz back in the cage could be a little longer than we thought.


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