Even the Losers are Bigger in Texas: UFC 166 Biggest Losers

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Biggest Winners/Biggest Losers, Commentary/Opinion
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biggest-loser-logoThe stars at night were big and bright when UFC 166 was held deep in the heart of Texas. While there were fights almost as epic as the Battle of the Alamo, we also witnessed some guys take a beating like a cowboy trying to peddle New York City salsa. Everything is bigger in the Lone Star State including the losers.

Roy Nelson: Nelson slimmed down a bit for Saturday night’s match against Daniel Cormier but looked as if he did little else to prepare for the former Olympian. Roy’s right hand stayed in the holster as Cormier not only out grappled him, but also put on a mini boxing clinic. At 37, Nelson is aging like an open beer. With his failure to perform when given the opportunity and his back and forth verbal sparring matches with the man that signs the checks—Mr. Dana White—we can probably start a pool on which date in the near future Roy will be cut.

Junior Dos Santos: No mask required this year as Junior’s face looked a bit similar to the Goonies character Sloth once again. Velasquez beat him like a rented mule as Dos Santos looked a bit lost in his attempt to land another knockout shot like the one from their first encounter. Cigano’s boxing skills have been heavily touted but he certainly didn’t utilize them to his advantage. Perhaps GSP could give him a quick lesson on working the jab. The undisputed second best heavyweight had even greater problems after the fight, it turns out that he barely remembers the fight at all.

Nate Marquardt: A former King of Pancrase, Marquardt has been showing his mileage as of late. “The Great” suffered his third consecutive loss at the hands of Hector Lombard. The KO happened at 1:48 in the first round. With a stacked 170 division, this may be the same amount of time Nate has left in his UFC career.

George Sotiropoulos: The Aussie won his first seven fights in the UFC but he has dropped his last four. His initial failure to engage didn’t win him any stars on his sticker chart with UFC brass. No longer considered a top tier lightweight, George could be looking for a job soon.


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