It’s FINALLY Happening … Sonnen vs. Wanderlei coming to Brazil

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news, The Ultimate Fighter
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Sonnen-vs-Wanderlei-PosterDana White broke some news last night on live TV. The boss appeared on Fox Sports Live with host Chael Sonnen, who asked White to break some news for him. White agreed. And the news had a direct impact on Sonnen. The next coaches of TUF Brazil will be longtime rivals, Wanderlei Silva and Sonnen.

Sonnen appeared genuinely surprised and even asked if White was serious. “Are you kidding me? Is this happening?” Sonnen asked. White assured him it was happening and that the coaching gig would include a fight between the coaches, as usual.

White gave a few details about the upcoming season and Sonnen listened.  “You two will coach The Ultimate Fighter,” he stated. “You will have a ton of security with you down there.” White chuckled with that last line. It’s interesting that Sonnen didn’t laugh at that one, and might have even looked concerned.

The rivalry between these guys goes back quite a ways. It probably started when Sonnen was preparing for his first fight with Anderson Silva and continued to bash not only The Spider, but also made some harsh remarks about Brazil and other Brazilian fighters.

Most recently, Wand ambushed Sonnen at an expo, cameramen in tow. This could get ugly.


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