Rousey still taking Heat for TUF behavior; but is Miesha the REAL problem?

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, The Ultimate Fighter
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rousey_tateYou would be hard pressed to find a more polarizing figure than Ronda Rousey in the UFC’s women’s division today. Prior to her stint as a coach on the recent season of The Ultimate Fighter, the champ had her fair share of detractors that cited her cockiness and attitude as reasons for their dislike. We have seen the rivalry between Rousey and Tate unfold weekly with snippets of confrontations between the two and members of their coaching staffs.

Ronda has flown the bird on more than one occasion and hasn’t tried to hide her disgust for Tate and her conjoined twin Mr. Tate (a.k.a. Brian Caraway). Is all the Ronda hate and praise for Saint Tate warranted? I don’t think so.

Unlike many of the viewers this season, I am not shocked by Ronda’s behavior any more than I am at the Joker’s constant efforts to destroy Batman. Yes, I know that’s just a comic book but the point is they hate each other, or at least Rousey admits to hating Tate. This is most likely the reason Tate was the natural replacement for the injured Cat Zingano. Dana saw ratings gold happening as the drama unfolded.

Most of the comments have been about how “crazy” Ronda has behaved while Tate has been the picture of professionalism. That has sent my terd detector off in a panic. I think the real question is, has Miesha really been professional or is she just playing passive aggressive school yard games? My belief is that she is being passive aggressive just to piss Ronda off for shits and giggles.

While Rousey has exhibited what many consider unsportsmanlike behavior on TUF 18, Ms. Tate certainly isn’t the sweet slice of pie she portrays. There is a huge difference between flipping someone off because you hate them and a pre-fight cheap shot to an opponent. It’s the Cat Zingano incident again. According to Zingano’s camp, Tate’s symbiotic parasite Caraway hit Zingano with an elbow prior to their match. The “accidental” elbow, while it didn’t change the outcome of the fight, wasn’t appreciated by Zingano or her camp nor was the “alleged” giggles and laughter after the incident.

Beyond this he said/she said event was the fight itself. Remember when Tate planted a hand in Zingano’s face after the bell rang? Let’s not forget how much and how long she whined about a fictional early stoppage. It was evident she was confused about the meaning of the word ‘early’ or didn’t consider her face finely ground enough.

Past Rousey opponents, including Liz Carmouche, haven’t seemed to rattle Rousey’s cage like Tate has. Carmouche earned respect and praise from Rousey’s camp and Ronda seemed genuinely concerned about Zingano’s knee injury. Perhaps the difference is those ladies didn’t go around trying to re-enact an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 by playing the fake nice bitch as Tate has. There is one thing for certain no matter which side you are on; they are doing a hell of a job selling their next fight.

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