Dana White: “Roy Nelson is delusional … who is Holly Holm?”

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

DanaVIGDana White offered up his opinion earlier this week at the UFC 166 post-fight presser on the topics of Roy Nelson’s sanity and the future of Holly Holm in the UFC.

It would seem Dana White believes Roy Nelson has lost more than a few pounds. The pair have had a hate/hate relationship dating back to Nelson’s time on TUF. White says he has tried really hard to like Nelson but believes that Roy is “delusional”.  After his loss to Daniel Cormier, Nelson stated that he wasn’t impressed by the former Olympian’s performance despite it obviously getting the job done.

Roy claimed, “He didn’t engage me really. That’s not to take anything away from Cormier, but it’s tough to fight like that. He’s a great fighter, but it’s frustrating.”

Nelson wasn’t the only one frustrated. Dana responded, “He said Cormier wasn’t engaging enough. He out-wrestled him, and he punched the living shit out of him. How much more does he want to be engaged? He says some dumb shit, and he’s very delusional.”

Roy has failed to beat any of the top heavyweights thrown his way. For now he looks to be the chubby mall cop turned heavyweight gatekeeper until Dana decides otherwise. If he doesn’t get a W his next fight, he may find himself without a job and forced to buy generic Cheetos. Talk about a fall from grace.

After dissing Nelson, Dana went on to say he had no idea who Holly Holm was despite everyone telling him to sign her.

“I was on the street the other day and some guy was like, ‘HEY! Sign Holly Holm.’ And I’m like, ‘yeah, I know. Everybody’s telling me.’ I haven’t seen her fight but I keep hearing about her. She’s like the female Conor McGregor. I thought Conor McGregor was a heavyweight when I was hearing about him. For some reason, that’s what I did. Holly Holm, I don’t know what she looks like, I’ve never seen her fight, but I know who she is.”

Holm, a retired boxing champion, is the women’s MMA flavor of the month. She scored another victory earlier this month at Legacy FC 24 to go 5-0 with three wins coming by TKO and the other two by knockout.

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