Cormier doesn’t want Gustafsson in Europe; how ’bout Nogueira instead?

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

seagal_cormier2Daniel Cormier wanted to fight Alexander Gustafsson and then Jon Jones in his first two fights at light heavyweight. But now, he seems to have changed his mind. Gustafsson might be off the DC hit-list. The problem, Cormier says, isn’t that he doesn’t want to face ‘The Mauler.’ It’s that he doesn’t want to face Gus in Europe.

With that in mind, Cormier has turned his attention to two other 205ers—Antonio Rogerio Nogueira or Phil Davis. Cormier explained his change of heart on UFC Tonight. “I have no problem fighting Alexander Gustafsson, not at all. The one thing that I’m concerned about – is being that it will be my first time down at 205 pounds – is that Gustafsson is going to fight in Europe somewhere next.”

“I don’t want to make my first cut down to 205 oversees. I know what I’m going to need. I know how to find saunas here in the United States and all the food I’m conformable with that I’m going to need to make weight. It’s easily accessible for me here in the United States. I have no problem fighting Gustafsson, but I’d rather not do it overseas.”

So who does he want to fight? Well, SPOILER ALERT, we already said it was Nogueira and Davis.

“But, yeah, Give me Lil’ Nog or Davis – that’ll be a great fight. I want big fights. I want a guy who is a contender.”

Ok Daniel, but aren’t those fights going to seem WAY easier than the previously rumored Gustafsson fight? Davis’ strength is wrestling—which isn’t anywhere near Cormier’s—and his weakness is striking—which isn’t anywhere near Cormier’s; and Nogueira has struggled against wrestlers like Davis, Ryan Bader and Jason Brilz recently.


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