Tito Ortiz & Ken Shamrock sound like bitter old men on TSN’s ‘Off the Record’

Posted: October 25, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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tito-ortizUFC Hall of Famers Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock appeared on TSN’s Off the Record last night to try to bash Dana White and his role in taking the sport to where it is today. Quite honestly, this “interview” could have been overheard in any McDonald’s with Tito and Ken sipping on shitty coffee and discussing how disgruntled they are.

There was nothing ground-breaking said by either man in the entire episode. Both of them basically took turns question the host’s assertions that White is the most powerful man in the sport—which is indisputable. Tito and Shamrock took turns pretending to have intelligent comments, but failing miserably. For examples, when asked about White being responsible for promoting the sport to new heights, Ken stated the following.

“If Dana didn’t have [Tito], or didn’t have Chuck [Liddell], or didn’t have me, or didn’t have Frank [Shamrock] to be able to make money off of our sweat and our blood, where would he be? So without the charisma and talent we had, Dana White would not have a job right now.”

Wait…haven’t I heard this argument before? Yes! Years ago, I had an idiot friend who claimed that if Shaquille O’Neal wasn’t 7 feet tall, that he’d be working as a janitor cleaning bathrooms. Ridiculous argument.

And as far as Dana’s promotion of the sport, getting to the “relatively mainstream” spot that it’s in now? That’s not even hard to do, according to Ortiz.

When you have enough money to have a backing to do it, it’s easy. I mean you can sit there and cuss and say what’s on your mind and hopefully fans listen to you. Say how tough of a guy you are by putting out a thing saying that you’re gonna fight one of the fighters, and talk smack about one of the fighters and get famous off one of the fighters, then yeah, that makes it easy to do. Of course it’s easy to do.”

There were points during this monolog that I had no clue what Tito was saying. But overall, I know he was saying something stupid—that ANYONE could do what White has done if they have the money behind them. Again, this is similar to saying anyone could be an NBA hall of famer if they were tall—which we already know is absurd.

Ortiz went on to admit that while he’s “well off,” he doesn’t feel he was reasonably compensated during his UFC days. He made the ridiculous comparison between Floyd Mayweather making $42 million dollars in one fight to what he made. Listen Tito, Mayweather is the biggest star in a sport that can afford to pay that kind of money. You were a star in the UFC at a time when MMA wasn’t even socially accepted as a real sport.

I had originally heard that Frank Shamrock was set to be part of this show as well. While he’s had his share of problems with White and the UFC, he’s always come across as a more thoughtful and intelligent guy than either Ken or Tito. It was probably a good move for Frank to reconsider being on this mess.


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