It took Mayhem Miller’s racial verbal attack to finally get Uriah Hall angry

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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mayhem_millerPerhaps the most timid man ever to appear inside the octagon just got angry. Former TUF finalist Uriah Hall reportedly blew a gasket when notorious asshole/douchebag/idiot Jason “Mayhem” Miller started dropping a ton of N-bombs in Hall’s face.

Both guys were at a BAMMA event over the weekend watching the show. As a large group of people gathered around Mayhem between fights, he started arguing with Hall. Miller supposedly flipped off Hall and called him a “bitch ass n*gga” over and over. Hall had enough a fired off a punch in Miller’s direction. The altercation didn’t last long and Mayhem was immediately tossed from the building.

An eye-witness relayed the story that Miller repeated the racial slur at Hall “at least six times—each one more venomous.” It was also reported that along with the slurs, Miller pulled the head-flinch move that it so popular with the douchebag crowd these days.

It’s unclear what started this skirmish, but it’s interesting to note that Hall has trained at Reign Training Center with Mark Munoz before Miller was ousted from that place too.

I don’t really need another reason to write a scathing article on Mayhem Miller. He’s done plenty to prove what a dumbass he is lately. He should just go away forever because any relevance he’s ever had in MMA has been replaced by his disgusting behavior. He’s basically the Amanda Bynes of the MMA world. What an idiot.

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