Miguel Torres has to remove his pants; loses in 1st round at WSOF

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

Shannon and MiguelFormer WEC champion and current WSOF bantamweight Miguel Torres hasn’t won a fight in two years. Saturday he dropped his third fight in a row to Pablo Alfonso getting choked out in about 3 minutes. Following his loss, he posted a message on Facebook explaining how a referee and a pair of shorts might have cost his a victory.

According to his post, he entered he cage wearing spats—which are long grappling tights. He says he thought he could wear them up until minutes before the fight when the referee told him he ahd to dump them in favor of shorts. He left the cage and went and found a pair of shorts to wear before returnig to the cage for his fight. Three minutes later, he was walking to the back again with another “L” on his record.

All that, according to Torres, “threw my mind off and I didn’t execute.”

This might be the first time in history that a pair of shorts cost a fighter a victory. Torres dropped to 40-7 on his career, but only 3-6 since dropping the WEC belt to Brian Bowles in 2009.


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