Can a Spray Tan cause an unfair advantage? Maybe we should ask Sexyama

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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spraytanThis is awesome. Cortney Casey is appealing her recent loss to Pearl Gonzalez for the XFC flyweight title. The reason? Spray tan! That’s right; we’re seeing probably the first ever accusation that a spray tan is actually a performance enhancing drug substance. And I think I agree with Cortney on this.

The spray tan, according to Casey, caused Gonzalez to become slippery, which in turn gave Gonzalez an unfair advantage in exactly the same way as “greasing” would. The Gonzalez camp admitted to the pre-fight spray tan, but denied that it was done with any negative intentions.

“I can’t live with the fact that someone had a banned substance on them, and I couldn’t implement my gameplan because of that substance,” Casey said afterwards. She wants a rematch. Tennessee officials have looked into the case and so far don’t have any issues or recourse with the spray tan.

In fairness, Akiyama has been abusing spray tans for quite some time and the only advantage it’s given him so far, is that it makes him dangerously sexy.


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