This must be the “Thank you for Punching that Idiot Mayhem” Bonus

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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DanaVIGEarlier this week we wrote about an incident at a BAMMA event where Jason “Mayhem” Miller got himself into trouble again by repeatedly taunting TUF alum Uriah Hall with N-Bombs. Finally Hall snapped (not an easy trick considering Hall’s knock is that he’s far too mild mannered and cordial) and fired a punch at Mayhem.

As the news circulated, it’s safe to say Hall’s actions were 10% justified by the general population. Still, some wondered if there would be repercussions from the boss. Just to set the record straight, Dana White responded to questions of whether Hall would face a penalty or even get fired. And his reply was resonant.

“Fuck no!!! I’m gonna give him a bonus!!!”

That was White’s tweet. It’s not totally surprising either. White—like most sane people—have grown tired of Miller’s act recently. Miller was cut from the UFC for A) sucking and B) being a dumbass. And he’ll never return. Looks like Hall won’t have to worry about any problems from his employer leading up to his fight with Chris Leben.


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