HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Here’s our 5 Favorite Bloodbaths in MMA History

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Top 10

Gilbert Melendez and Diego Sanchez gave the fans a bloody battle recently at UFC 166.  With that in mind and in honor of Halloween, I (Nicole) wanted to take a look back at my own favorite blood soaked MMA fights.  The Red Cross might consider making these guys honorary members of the gallon club after seeing these images.

Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon5. Joe Lauzon vs. Jim Miller-UFC 155

With more blood splatter than a season of CSI, this one earned Fight of the Night at UFC 155.  This 15 minute battle left Joe Lauzon’s white shorts pink and Miller’s beard soaked in blood.  Ari Emmanuel, the famous talent agent that inspired the “Entourage” character, was sprayed with blood while sitting cageside when Lauzon’s forehead gash began spurting as Miller tried to lock up a choke.  Miller went on to win this one by murder…aka unanimous decision. Cageside fans were seen vomiting into their hats.

StefanStruveDenisStojnic4.Stefan Struve vs Denis Stojnic

At UFC 99, Stefan Struve made one of the bloodiest comebacks ever seen.  Cut by an elbow that left the “Skyscraper” wearing a crimson mask, the fight was called to a halt by referee Dan Miragliotta and the doctors were called in.  Surprisingly, the bout wasn’t stopped and Struve went on to finish the fight with a choke.  Let’s hope the big guy can make another comeback.  He is currently out of the UFC indefinitely due to a heart condition–probably not due to this fight. Well, most likely not. Okay, maybe not. Whatever the case, take a look at the diabolical smile on Struve’s face in this picture. Pure evil.

saku3.Kazushi Sakuraba vs  Ricardo Arona

This PRIDE classic proved what a brutal weapon the knee is.  After a fairly even first round, Arona got Sakuraba down to the mat in the second and delivered a shitload of knees to the face and head while in the north south position (incidentally, the North-South is the least favorite position at The Vig).  When the round ended, Sakuraba’s face looked like 10 pounds of fresh ground round.  His corner threw in the towel prior to the third round, presumably not to end the fight, but just to mop up all the blood before it stained the PRIDE canvas. Hey, those things aren’t cheap to have professionally cleaned.


2. BJ Penn vs Joe Stevenson UFC 80

Penn became the UFC Lightweight champion after finishing Stevenson with a rear naked choke in the second round.  In the nine minutes before, he busted open Stevenson’s head and beat him like a drum leaving a bloody Joe hunched over and crying. It’s no surprise that Stevenson’s career was never quite the same after this fight; but was WAS surprising was when BJ licked up every drop of blood from his gloves, the mat and even Stevenson’s face. That was a grizzly scene that would have made Dexter go from six to midnight.

bigfootcain1: Cain Velasquez vs Antonio Silva: UFC 146

In his first match against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, Cain used the elbow as effectively as Arona had used the knee against Sakuraba. Velasquez opened up the giant’s nose early in the first round causing a river of blood to flow from Bigfoot’s face. The bout was stopped by referee Josh Rosenthal so a doctor could examine him. When it was deemed that Silva could go on, Cain took him to the mat and continued to brutalize him with elbows while blood sprayed everywhere and stained the mat. The fight was stopped at 3:30 on the first and Bigfoot came up looking like a victim in a Rob Zombie horror movie. The beating was so brutal that Silva’s manager, Alex Davis, wanted the UFC to ban elbows because of the bloody mess they cause.  He feared it would sicken some and turn them away from the sport. Point taken, Alex.

There you have it, my favorite bloodiest fights.  Let us know on Facebook what yours are.


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