The Dragon re-signs with the UFC — in the same shirt as Lorenzo Fertitta

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Latest news
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machidasigningSo in case you wondering what a hard-hitting contract negotiation looks like in the UFC; here’s what the Lyoto Machida negotiations looked like. If you’re expecting two teams of stuffy, briefcase-wielding, three-piece suit wearing, lawyerly looking dudes yelling at each  other while hammering their fists onto a 12 foot mahogany board room table, you might be a little disappointed.

It looks like The Dragon is signing the contract on his man cave’s coffee table while UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta kicks back with some Candy Crush on his iPhone. Why they’re wearing the same clothes is a bit baffling, but whatever.

Anyway, the good news is that Machida is no longer a free agent. Details weren’t disclosed, but it looks like Machida will be around for a while longer. Of course didn’t we already know that? He’s already schedule to fight Gegard Mousasi in February. Machida’s recent head kick KO of Mark Munoz probably made him a few extra bucks—or at least a pretty nice pen and pencil set as a perk.


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