“Throwing in the Towel” is against NSAC Rules, says Kizer

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Cool Stuff We Like

throw-in-the-towel1Here’s something I don’t think I knew. A cornerman throwing in the towel to end a fight is against the rules. We always hear the phrase “throw in the towel,” as a way to describe a fighter’s corner ending the fight when things get out of hand. We heard that phrased many times in reference to the beating Cain Velasquez put on Junior Dos Santos last month.

But in fact, throwing the towel into the cage is a foul in Nevada. NSAC commissioner Keith Kizer addressed that topic with Bloody Elbow, and explained exactly why it’s a foul. “It could be a situation where somebody does it in such a way that distracts the fighters; a fighter could get hurt. One fighter sees the towel go in, and he’s watching it, and he gets hit in the face.”

I understand the liability and desire to protect the fighters from any fluke injury—although the way he describes it, maybe he’s in need of a new brand of fabric softener.

Kizer also painted another picture when he described the remote possibility of a lunatic fan tossing a towel into the cage, thereby causing a great deal of confusion and possibly even injury.

I was also interested to hear how the Nevada commission recommends a corner SHOULD stop a fight for their fighter. There is a cage-side inspector at every fight. He’s the one who should communicate with the referee. “The cornerman and inspector walk up the steps,” Kizer said. “The other inspector will see that, and he’ll walk up to the top of the steps on the other side just in case the referee’s back is turned to the losing fighter’s corner. The inspector will then wave, and the referee will know why that is.”

I guess you learn something every day. I just wonder what the penalty for that type of “foul” would be. Disqualification?


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