Shane Carwin is “itching to fight”

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Rumors

shane-carwin-bloody-faceHere’s a case where a harmless tweet is about to snowball into me wondering what it “really” means. Yesterday, former UFC interim champion Shane Carwin made a comment that got me excited. In response to a question from a fan who asked how retirement was going, Carwin answered, “I’m itching to fight, can’t stand it.”

Harmless comment? Very possibly. But still…can’t we just talk about it for a minute?

I honestly don’t think Carwin is one of those guys who is trying to hang on way longer than he should. People often associate him with his final fight against Junior Dos Santos. That’s the fight that saw Carwin’s face get mangled by a 3 round barrage of bombs from JDS. But in my eyes, that fight was the exception rather than the rule.

As far as punishment is concerned, Carwin was the guy dishing it out; not taking it. His only loss prior to the Dos Santos fight was against Brock Lesnar. And no one would suggest it was Lesnar who beat down Carwin—it was the other way around.

So beyond the two losses that preceded his injury-induced retirement, he had run off an amazing string of 1st round finishes. He’s likely still one of the hardest 2 or 3 punchers in the division. That kind of power doesn’t just go away. I would venture a guess as to where Carwin would fall in the current HW division, and it would be well into the top 10—obvuiously assuming he remained healthy enough to compete fairly regularly.

I’d place him as the favorite against any of the 8 through 10 ranked fighters on the roster—Nelson, Miocic and Mir. And I certainly wouldn’t rule him out of his class against 4 through 7—Bigfoot, Browne, Barnett and Overeem.

Ok, back to reality here. It’s more than likely Carwin is just missing a sport he recently retired from. “Itching to get back” doesn’t mean “I’m coming back” at all. But if we can’t have some fun thinking about this, what’s the use of me paying the 13 bucks a year for this sweet domain name, huh?


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