Kim Winslow is STILL answering questions about Zingano/Tate

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

KimWinslowIt seems like the only person left who still thinks the Cat Zingano/Miesha Tate ending—LAST APRIL!—is still relevant is Miesha Tate. Because she hasn’t let it die, Kim Winslow continues to be painted in a negative light by fans who believe Tate was still in that fight.

Winslow recently chatted with Fightland and naturally, the question came up about Tate’s verbal attacks. Winslow didn’t waver.

“Let me explain something about that fight,” she said. “I tell all my fighters, I tell them that I need you to show me you are capable of intelligently defending yourself. I tell them I can only let it go on so long. They have to continue defending themselves intelligently until they’re out of danger or the round is over, depending on the amount of damage they take. If you hear me telling you I need to see you defending yourself, that’s what I need to see. There’s no misunderstanding that.”

While Winslow has had her fair share of shaky calls inside the cage, this wasn’t one of them. Zingano dominated round 3 until catching Tate with a vicious knee to the face, sending her back to the mat. As she rose again, Cat delivered four more brutal knees to Tate’s nose, and a slicing elbow for good measure. By stopping the fight, Winslow probably saved Tate from an even more severe beating on the ground.

This is actually the first time I’ve seen Winslow comment on this call, and her statement is consistent with how I interpret the job of the referee.


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