Seems like Machida wants 2nd title, even if Silva’s the champ

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Latest news
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Lyoto-MachidaLyoto Machida entered the middleweight division with a bang when he knocked Mark Munoz out last month. With that win—and his standing as a former UFC world champion at light heavyweight—The Dragon instantly moved into the division’s elite. But how far can he go if his “friend” Anderson Silva reclaims the belt at the end of the year? According to Machida, he can go all the way.

Without discounting Chris Weidman—because that story isn’t quite as controversial or interesting—there has been repeated talk that Silva doesn’t want to fight Machida or Vitor Belfort. But from Machida’s perspective, he wants a title shot regardless of the champ.

“I want to go down in history and make a name for myself in the UFC,” Machida told USA Today, in reference to Randy Couture and BJ Penn holding belts in multiple weight classes. “I want to do what these guys did because it would be a very rare thing that very few guys have done.”

Machida’s next fight against Gegard Mousasi might be enough—really, it should be enough—to propel him to #1 contender. Belfort would argue, but Dana White has said that even though The Phenom’s next fight against Dan Henderson will take place at 205, a loss would cost him his spot atop the division’s challengers.

Machida seemed to dismiss the whole Silva doesn’t want to fight thing. “We don’t know if Anderson is going to keep fighting,” he said. “He’s been a champion for so long, for so many years. He said it himself: ‘If I have to fight with Lyoto, I’d rather give up the belt because I’ve been a champion for so long.’”

It’s interesting to hear that Machida sees that declaration as a way for him to get a title shot; as opposed to the common reaction we’ve seen in the past, where both fighters just generally agree not to fight each other. Hmm, dragons are crafty. Maybe Rory MacDonald will follow his lead.


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