Jon Jones: “It would be my honor to smoke Richie Incognito; I’d kill him”

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Latest news
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richie-incognitoCan you imagine being (arguably) the best fighter in the world? You can literally beat anyone’s ass on the face of the earth in a fair fight. Anyone’s. That’s the place Jon Jones is at right now. He could take any normal tough guy—even a pro athlete—and completely manhandle him any way he wants.

Richie Incognito? Yep. He’d destroy that dude. In fact (here’s my segue-way) Jones appeared on The Fan radio station in D.C. yesterday and said so himself.  Here’s how the convo went. In fairness, Jones doesn’t even know who Incognito is and for the most part was just playing around with the DJ’s who were encouraging him. But still, everything he says is true—he’d kill that chump.

JP: “He (Incognito)’s just this big meathead. Probably 6’3, 6’4, 340. So if it’s Richie Incognito against Jon Jones, what’s gonna happen?”

Jon Jones: “I’d kill him. Someone tweet him, let him know I’d smoke him. Easy.”

EB: Because why, you’d just get him down. That’s all it takes?

JP: He’s not gonna catch you.

Lurch: Because he has SKILLS. He’s a trained killer.

Jon Jones: Yes (laughing)

EB: No, I understand. I understand you’re a trained killer.

Jones: I’m not a killer, I’ve never killed anyone.

EB: I know. I know. No, but Jon, can you please just beat his ass though? Because he’s obviously a bully, like who cares if he bullied Martin.

Cakes: He’ll go to jail!

EB: No, no, no. He’s a douche bag.

Jon Jones: Is he?

EB: And he’s just a guy that needs to get his ass beat. Can you please just do us all a favor and do it?

Jon Jones: You know what? It would be my honor.

EB: Can you just do it? What would you do?

Jon Jones: I’m gonna start threatening him on Twitter today.

EB: Yea, yea, yes!


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