Dana White craps on Ben Askren’s hopes of signing with UFC

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

benOuch! Newly former Bellator champ and undefeated welterweight, Ben Askren just had his coming out party ruined by UFC boss Dana White. We learned this week that Bellator released Askren from all obligations, which meant that presumably, he’d be free to sign with anyone—namely the UFC. Not so fast.

When asked about this turn of events—which means Bellator has waived their contractual right to match any offer made to Askren—White was indifferent, to say the least.

“It doesn’t change anything,” White told MMAjunkie. “(We have) no interest. I’m sure (World Series of Fighting) will pick him up. They [Bellator] don’t want him. It’s their champion, and they don’t want him. What does that say?”

He went on to say that sine he barely beat Jay Hieron, he’s definitely not ready for the UFC. He suggested Askren go to WSOF and keep improving to “work his way up” to the UFC.

Askren had to be taken aback by these comments, but then rationalized that it’s all business. “Dana’s a businessman, so I’m sure he sees the value that I can bring to the organization because they haven’t brought in a high-level 170-pounder in a while, so I think it would bring a lot of new and exciting matchups to the division.”

Askren considers himself in the top 6 welterweights in the world and prefers an immediate title shot. If that doesn’t happen, he’d “settle” for Carlos Condit, Jake Shields or someone on that level. Well, it’s good to see Askren is setting his sights high, despite White’s harsh comments.


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