“Nostra-Dana” predicts MacDonald will “move out” and fight St-Pierre

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Latest news, Rumors
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rory-Macdonald-w-GSPUFC 167’s main card fight between Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald isn’t an official #1 contender proposition for Rory, but Dana White seems to be strongly hinting in that direction. But wait…aren’t Rory and champ Georges St-Pierre BFF’s? It doesn’t matter, says “Nostra-Dana.” He’s got a theory.

“I think if he beats Robbie Lawler, he’s going to move out of Georges’ (gym) and I think things are going to change,” White predicted after Thursday’s news conference. “I think this is the fight, right here for him, that’s going to put him in the direction of fighting Georges St-Pierre. I think if he wins this fight, he’s moving out – he’s going to get his own place.”

I like the “moving out” reference, like GSP and MacDonald are sharing a 1 bedroom apartment to cut back on costs or something. I picture GSP getting to monopolize the TV remote, and might even give the younger “Ares” an occasional titty-twister just to show him who’s boss.

Anyway, White seems intent on trying to convince these guys to put their friendship aside—like Jon Jones and Rashad Evans maybe?—to set up the next logical title fight if GSP happens to defend his title again tomorrow.

I have to be honest, Dana needs that fight. While I still think welterweight is the strongest division in the UFC, Rory Mac is the best option (again, assuming both he and GSP win) by far. The Carlos Condit/Matt Brown winner could make sense. But other contenders Jake Ellenberger, Demian Maia and Martin Kampmann are all coming off losses. And don’t even get me started about Jake Shields returning to title contention.

That’s why Dana is so adamant about setting up this fight. In White’s words…“You fucking know Rory wants it. You know he wants it.”


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