A “Hair-ific” UFC weekend with ‘The Juice’

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events
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ebersolehairrowBy now, our loyal readers have heard of The Juice–our local/regional MMA correspondent throughout the Midwest. He’s also the co-host of our favorite fan-friendly MMA Podcast, Beyond The Cage. Juice had the opportunity to visit Las Vegas for the first time and he made it a very memorable UFC weekend. He was able to travel in the Brian Ebersole entourage for the entire weekend. Brian is also a friend of VigilanteMMA and a high school classmate of Juice. 

Since our readers/followers are a pretty even split between everyday and hardcore MMA fans, I asked him to document his weekend so that we might be able to enjoy his exploits and live vicariously through him. Here is Juice’s firsthand account of a pretty cool weekend.


This past weekend I was able to attend UFC 167 the company’s 20th anniversary show “LIVE” from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Sin City. I have been to many UFC fights before this and plan to attend many after this weekend’s experience.


Myself and 9 of my buddies arrived in Las Vegas. After cleaning up we headed over to Mandalay Bay to meet UFC Lightweight Champ Anthony Pettis. We successfully made it and it was totally worth it.  After a grabbing a bite to eat our group headed up the strip to MGM Grand Garden Arena to watch the weigh ins. While waiting in line most of our line got a chance to snap photos with UFC Hall of Famer and legend Royce Gracie.

sonnenUFC167But the highlight of the day came at about 4:00 Las Vegas time when a friend of mine and a friend of Vigilante MMA, Brian Ebersole, stepped on the scale. Like I mentioned previously I have attended events before but getting the chance to see a friend up on the UFC scale living out his dream…It was a site that I really can’t explain but a tear or two may have been building up during his weigh in.

After Weigh-ins we were invited to dinner with Brian. It was fun to watch him throw all that weight right back on. I would like to think that having dinner with his friends and family help calm any nerves he may have had.


So on Fight Day we were able to get a little gambling in beforehand. But before the fights there was one slight piece of business that needed to be taken care of. Brian Ebersole is known for his customary “Hairrow” which if you have never seen is an arrow of chest hair pointed to his chin. By the way, you can buy his hairrow t shirt HERE.

Well not many people get to see this masterpiece of hair follicle greatness unfold live. But Brian was gracious enough to allow me to witness this spectacle and it was indeed awesome.

So after all of this we finally get to the fights. I don’t miss a UFC event ever. I watch them, dvr them, rent them. You get the idea, well Saturday night I wanted the Facebook fights over ASAP. And they did their best but it still wasn’t fast enough for me…I wanted to see my friend fight!

Brian had a difficult test in Rick Story, He put forth a great effort but came up on the wrong side of the decision. After the loss I was left speechless and found myself walking around the arena just kind of decompressing. I just felt so awful for him because of all the hard work he puts into his camps and everything.

After a few laps I calmed down and was able to sit down for the rest of the show.

As loyal readers we all know the results of the fights so I won’t even get into that. But the atmosphere at the MGM Grand Garden Arena can be described in one word (well one word with a hyphen)…Freaking-amazing! When GSP walked to the cage it was the loudest thing I have ever heard in person.


Well our plane was delayed!!! Bummer.

But we were able to cram in lunch with Brian and all his friends and family. Then my pals that live in Vegas—Paul and Jared—decided to drive us around for a bit. We made it to Zuffa Headquarters and I rang the doorbell. Security said they couldn’t let us in but it was worth a try.

After HQ we swung by the set of TUF! Snapped some pictures and chatted with some of the camera crew and learned some fun stuff. Great times!!

UFC fans, you HAVE to see a fight in Vegas. Trust the Juice; it’s worth every penny.

Follow the Juice on Twitter@Vigilantejuice

…and on facebook.


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