UFC 167 Biggest Winners — the “Wait, WHO Won?” Edition

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Biggest Winners/Biggest Losers

taylor-shockedUFC 167, the 20th anniversary celebration, had a big upset, an impressive comeback, and more drama than an after school special.  If you weren’t shooting beer from your nose or choking on a chicken wing when the main event decision was read, you obviously finished eating and drinking earlier in the evening.  Here’s a look back at the night’s biggest winners.

Cowboy Cerrone. After dropping his last to Rafael Dos Anjos, it looked like the Cowboy may have hit a rough patch in the road.  Saturday night the classic Cowboy Cerrone made an appearance.  He punished Dunham with his Muay Thai skills, after several kicks and knees Cerrone submitted him with a triangle choke in the second round.  He rode off into the sunset with a $50,000 submission of the night bonus.

Robbie Lawler. I need another Tums for the amount of crow I’ve made myself eat over this one.  Robbie was my pick by KO up until the last minute. Perhaps it was peer pressure or a fugue state, but I changed that pick. Glad I didn’t bet the house (or any peanuts) on this one. Unlike Rory’s previous opponent, Jake Ellenberger, Lawler was not afraid to get in there and take risks. He was downright “ruthless” (that would be a good nickname–just sayin’). Robbie went the distance, neutralizing MacDonald and proving that heart and experience can beat technique.  Was it just me or did Rory look a bit pissed? Guess the guy really does have emotions.

Johny Hendricks. Ah yes, now to the big one. Everyone…blind men, little old ladies, preschoolers, PTA moms and the like were talking about the main event. The consensus was that Johnny won that fight. They are right, he did but he didn’t win the decision. While Hendricks may be headed back to Dallas empty handed, we certainly haven’t seen the last of him. The Bigg Rigg won himself a ton of fans, some casual and others who prefer to wear tuxedos–bad joke? This sucks, because now his meet and greet line is going to be longer than the 15 to 20 people it was in early 2012.  Anyway, Hendricks proved to everyone (myself included) that he had the stamina to make it through five rounds with the champion and brought more to the table than a puncher’s chance.  For that I will gladly order a slice of humble pie next time I dine at Texas Roadhouse.

The Biggest Losers will be coming later today.


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