UFC 167 Biggest Losers — the “Wait, are you SURE he won?” edition

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Biggest Winners/Biggest Losers

simonThe UFC threw a party for their 20th anniversary Saturday night and we were all invited, as was the entire UFC family. Grandpa Dan Severn sat around and bored us all with his “interesting” anecdotes; creepy Uncle Mark Coleman invaded our personal space and might have hit on a few of our nubile cousins; and we even had a wedding anniversary crasher roaming around aimlessly wearing one boxing glove—no one knew who the hell he was. And with that, let’s see who the big fat losers of the night were.

Rory MacDonald. The biggest favorite on the card must have ruined plenty of parlays Saturday. Robbie Lawler took it to him to grab 2 rounds from 2 judges and Rory walked away with just a pair of skinny jeans, some horn-rimmed glasses and a giant “L” on his record. The near-unanimous frontrunner to be the next dominant welterweight champion blew it. And his walkout music blew chunks too. Rihanna??? C’mon man!

Josh Koscheck. I’m ready to say that Koscheck’s done. He’s suffered 3 straight losses—2 by 1st round KO—and quite frankly isn’t a legitimate high end fighter anymore. There’s something satisfying to me to include Kos in our Biggest Losers column. I just hope he retires before sustaining too much damage to make a run in his next career—motorboating GSP’s ass.

Chael Sonnen. Sonnen just dropped his 3rd fight in his last four, and he’s only 3-4 since beating Nate Marquardt at UFC 109. Not to mention, Rashad pounded him senseless, which could send Chael back to West Linn—or at least the TV studio. Having said that, I’m still predicting Chael is Dana’s first phone call if Cain Velasquez’s next opponent gets injured.

Dana White. I think Dana’s overreaction to GSP saying he needed a break was as bad as his public reaction to Junior Dos Santos knocking out Cain in one minute on Fox 1. Get a hold of yourself man. At that time, you didn’t even ask GSP was his “issues” were. I thought his over-the-top response looked really bad. Am I alone? Perhaps.


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