Dana shows up on The UG to tell poster to “go fuck yourself”

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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DanaVIGI think we’re past the point of ever thinking Dana White might fit into the mold of a “normal” owner/company head. He’s certainly never claimed to be “normal” in that regard, and his actions are bold, in-your-face and at times outrageous. Let’s face it, I doubt Bud Selig is going to jump on an internet forum to respond to rowdy fans. But White did it…again.

In response to a thread on The UG calling for White to “cash in and retire,” the boss had some harsh words for “Reggie,” the original poster.

“Hey Reggie, Go fuck yourself. There is another bad word for all you PUSSIES on the UG!!”

He then encouraged detractors to “Go watch golf.” And he kept going when the topic turned to fighter pay in relation to the Bradley/Marquez fight.

“STFU and go away. If you hate the UFC so bad then WTF are you doing here? go follow 1 Direction or something else! Bradley wished he makes what GSP makes, so the fact that you have no clue what you are talking about and you hate me and the UFC just GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE.”

“Yes dipshit, GSP makes big fucking $$$$! You didnt know that because its none of your fucking business. Y ou also have no clue what JH makes. Bradley wishes he made what Johnny made too.”

“and GSP fights 3 times a year!! They do not.”

Saying GSP fights 3 times a year is absurd. He actually hasn’t fought three times in a year since 2007. When someone (Ornoku) brought that up, DW replied with this: “It is literally none of your business Ornoku, when it becomes your business we will let you know.”

Then another poster called “Soupcan”suggested that Dana’s head (ego) swelled up bigger than Tito’s head,  and that the end of the UFC is near, White didn’t like that either: “I havent heard that one before soupcan, keep dreaming dickhead”

After arguing and dropping insults like a regular UG rube, he closed by backtracking a little and writing it off as, “that’s just how I talk; it’s fun.”

“OK, I popped in to say hi to the UG. Always fun boys, Dont get butthurt and take shit personal. This is the way i talk and i love talking to fight fans. You know me by now i have been here for 13 years and if you don’t like me or the way i talk then you probbably shouldnt talk to me. There are plenty of other personallities and cool people to talk to in the sport. See you on Dec 28th


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