GSP can’t remember shit … may have been aliens

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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alien3Remember that fight this last weekend? The one with the French Canadian and the dude with the epic beard? Well Georges St. Pierre, the guy who won the controversial split decision, may not. Georges made comments after his fight against Johny Hendricks suggesting he couldn’t remember the fight. At one point, he could be heard asking his corner what round was it.

Most of us assumed this temporary memory loss could be due to getting hit by a brick shithouse like Johny Hendricks. After all, the smooshy human brain doesn’t like being forcibly thrown up against the skull–any doctor will confirm this. However, more sinister forces could be behind this-ALIENS! We aren’t talking about the immigrant kind either.

That’s what Georges shared with Joe Rogan on his Joe Rogan Experience  podcast back in April of this year.  Georges claims he loses time, a couple hours here or a couple hours there all the time like when he’s defending his belt in the cage or just taking a leisurely drive.

Laugh if you will and chalk it up to getting punched in the head for a living, but GSP claims it’s been happening all of his life. That’s some crazy shit. It could still be a result of traumatic brain injury from a concussion as a kid or vivid hallucinations caused by severe insomnia. No matter what the cause, it just goes to show that the guy does need a break before he loses his mind and is found wandering naked and feral on the streets…if that does happen, please God let those streets be in my suburban Los Angeles area because I will love him, and hug him, and feed him and name him Georges.

So what do you think?  Has Georges taken one too many to the noggin, is he being abducted by aliens, or was he engineered to be the perfect fighting machine and sent here by aliens and now that he has self-awareness they are cutting their losses?  What a damn good movie plot that last one is.

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