Reading Between the Lines: Machida sure sounds like he’d fight Anderson Silva

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Rumors
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machidasilvaLyoto Machida not only fought his friend Mark Munoz; he knocked out Munoz with a violent headkick. So he obviously has no problem separating friendship from his job. Anderson Silva on the other hand, might be in the same category as some other champions who are publicly refusing to face a friend inside the cage.

The Spider has repeated on more than one occasion that he will not fight Machida. But if he re-captures the title next month from current champ Chris Weidman, some decisions will have to be made. Machida, it seems, will be ready to throw down for the belt if necessary.

“Separating your profession from friendship is very difficult. In Mark (Munoz)’s case, he thinks like me. We fought and went out to dinner afterwards, without any issues. We have the same goals, but only one of us can occupy that space at a time. We fought because we had an agreement: to fight and then congratulate whoever won. If one of us had not agreed to that, the fight would not have happened.”

I don’t want this fight [with Anderson Silva]. We’re close, and we have the same manager. He’s fighting for the belt, and I’m still far from it. It’s hard to talk about it now. I don’t know if we will cross paths one day. Let’s let things happen and decide what to do. You have to be prepared to face to situation. You have to talk about it.”

Probably the most difficult thing about this scenario is for Machida to let everyone know that he’s open to fighting Silva, without seeming over-eager. To me, it sounds like he would absolutely fight Silva, without question. Not fighting because of friendship benefits the champ. If Silva removed Machida—and Jacare Souza—from the equation, it makes his life much easier doesn’t it.

Still, the point might be moot. Silva isn’t even the champion right now. He still has to defeat the guy who knocked him out earlier this year. But if it happens, I’m predicting Machida will not only face Silva, but he’ll do it in 2014.


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