Gray Maynard wants to avenge losses by fighting Edgar (at 145) and Grant yet again

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

Gray-MaynardGray Maynard loves to beat a dead horse. The Bully, who will face Nate Diaz—for the 3rd time—this weekend at the TUF Finale, says one of his goals is to fight nemesis Frankie Edgar for a 4th time. He’ll even drop to 145 pounds to do it. My question is…why?

“It just goes back to that in my mind, it’s all even,” Maynard explained. “I don’t want it to end like that. He got the last one, but I don’t want it to end like that. If he beats me two out of three times, then alright. But we’ll see. I’ve got to get through Nate and then keep going.”

He also said after he defeats Diaz, he wants to avenge another recent loss against TJ Grant, and then grab the lightweight title. I’m not sure if a fighter can take two seemingly separate career paths at the same time. To me, Maynard seems to be trying to do just that. He wants to pick specific rematches against familiar foes; but at the same time, he says he’s chasing the UFC belt. That seems contradictory, especially when he’s considering dropping to a new weight class for a one-off fight with Edgar.

From Edgar’s perspective, does he even want yet another repeat matchup? It would be his 4th fight against Maynard. He also has two fights against Ben Henderson; and is currently preparing for his 3rd fight with BJ Penn. That’s a lot of damn rematches. If Maynard’s plan works out, that means Edgar would have fought those three guys a total of NINE times in his career. By comparison, he’s only fought eight times against “other” fighters in his entire UFC career so far.


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