Nate Diaz’s bizarre post-fight Interview, word-for-word (I think)

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events

nate-diaz3Could the most shocking and noteworthy aspect of this weekend’s TUF Finale have really been Nate Diaz’s bizarre post-fight interview? Possibly. Not only did he not come close to answering ANY of Jon Anik’s questions, but he seemed to combine incoherence with upbeat enthusiasm. Ironically, it might have been the most extroverted I’ve ever seen a Diaz. It didn’t help me understand what he was talking about, but still. Here’s what I think he said. Enjoy it in it’s brutal insanity.

Jon Anik: Well rest assured Nate Diaz, that we are coming to talk to you after a most impressive victory. There is no doubt now, the series with Gray Maynard belongs to one of Stockton’s finest. Your thoughts on a tremendous performance and victory here tonight?

Nate Diaz: I don’t know what kind of funny ass show this is man, like my mother fuckers acting silly but…I wanted to shout out really quick to my coaches. Val Ignatov, my sambo coach, Richard Perez my boxing coach, the mixed martial arts master, Nick Diaz—no  one can top this man right here. And just so everybody knows, the number 1 and 2 lightweights in the world are right here. Me and my man right here.

Anik: Bringing in Gilbert Melendez right here,  of course off a huge victory in his own right. So Nate are you going to stick around at 155, or are you going back up to 70?

Diaz: Lemme just talk about this real quick. My man beat Ben Henderson for the title and for some reason they let Anthony Pettis fight him. So you and Thomson wanna man up and get with me and my boy right here cuz it’s our division. We gonna beat your asses. That’s what’s up.

Anik: I know you’ve always been quick to credit Melendez. Can you talk us quickly through the combinations? Obviously the throw was huge, but the combinations were on point.

Diaz: Ya ya, I won. Hehe. That’s what’s up. Hey my partner’s here too. Ivan, (he mumbled someone else’s name), uh Chris Diaz, Mick McDermott, Ronda Rouosey, she did awesome in her last fight…the home girl. And uh, (more mumble) I appreciate…we gotta go! I got shit to do man, I’m hungry!

Anik: Do your thing. The winner…Nate Diaz!


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