‘TUF Finale’ Biggest Winners & Losers — the “aren’t we sick of that Police Academy sound effect guy” edition

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Biggest Winners/Biggest Losers, Commentary/Opinion
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rondamieshaWe usually save our Biggest Winners and Biggest Losers columns for the pay per views. But based on some highlights—and especially lowlights—from Saturday’s TUF Finale, I think a few BW/BL’s are warranted.

Biggest Winners

Nate Diaz. I had questions about how much Diaz had left in the tank after suffering back-to-back losses; and also due to the general unpredictability of the Diaz boys. But after his very impressive win over Gray Maynard, I believe Diaz is still a legitimate top 5 LW. He battered Maynard quickly enough to give a prolonged and completely insane interview afterwards. All that nonsense aside, I think we should get used to Nate being “the relevant one” in the family.

Julianna Pena. If you take away season 4—and maybe John Dodson, Pena might be the TUF winner with the shortest route to being a legit contender. Most of that now falls on her own shoulders, because let’s face it; she still has to win fights. But in a division where there are barely enough fighters to make a top 10, Pena just leapfrogged beyond the “apprentice stage” of the UFC that every other TUF winner has to go through. Most don’t even make it past that stage. But since the women’s division doesn’t even have tiers yet, Pena gets to jump up to the big time. Not bad for Miesha’s little buddy.

Biggest Losers

Gray Maynard. Ouch. It seems like yesterday when Gray was the 2nd best LW in the world. Now he’s been knocked out 3 times in four fights, and looks an awful lot a guy who should be considering retirement instead of chasing belts. Watching Diaz chop down the Bully, it was almost like Maynard was unwilling to fall down—which paints a rather accurate picture for where he might be career-wise now. With only 1 win in his last 5 fights, now might be the time to step away.

Ronda Rousey. Ronda can be like that dude from the Police Academy movies who made all those unfunny sound effects. At some point, continuing to do the same act over and over again gets really stale. Her borderline embarrassing–and definitely awkward–co-interview with Miesha Tate during the broadcast was one such moment. Her facial expressions, her mannerisms, her yawn (!), were all way overdone and came across as unlikeable. There’s a fine line between having an aura of confidence and just getting everyone to roll their eyes at you. Ronda leaped way across that line Saturday.

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