Nate’s Manager: Huge Pay Cut is “Cuz I Suck”

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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nate-diaz-double-birdMore than a few people looked over the list documenting the salaries of each of the TUF Finale competitors and did a double-take. Main eventer—and longtime UFC vet—Nate Diaz’s salary MUST be a misprint. Apparently it was NOT a misprint. Diaz made just $15k to show and another $15k for the win over Gray Maynard. That’s shockingly low.

Diaz was set to make $50k/$50k in his title fight with Ben Henderson. His next fight against Josh Thomson, he dropped drastically to $15k/$15k. So what gives? Why is Nate being tossed chump change after almost 20 UFC bouts? Let’s ask his manager Mike Kogan shall we?

Kogan told Cage Potato via email the reason for Nate’s alarmingly low pay is simple—because his manger sucks. Seriously, here’s what Kogan said…

Cause I suck as a manager lol

Thank you


Damn Kogan. I had a bunch of jokes lined up, but your frank reply squashed all of them.


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