‘UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Bigfoot’ — why we’re high on Bigfoot; but not so much on 2 other main carders

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events

BigfootVIGUFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Bigfoot is Friday in the U.S. As is becoming customary for UFC “free” events, there is a smattering of interesting fights for our viewing pleasure, mixed in with the standard “maybe I’ll record this one and watch it later” type fights. Since I’m becoming resigned to that format, let me skip around and talk about just a few things I’ll be monitoring this weekend.

Give Bigfoot some Hespect. We know the best heavyweight world. We know the 2nd best heavyweight in the world. After that, it’s kind of a crapshoot. My own opinion is that Fabricio Werdum and Daniel Cormier are next in line, closely followed by Bigfoot. Silva seems to be one of those guys who gets overlooked and underestimated every time he steps into the cage. I think I’ve personally bet against him in EVERY fight since Mike Kyle three years ago. Bigfoot’s only losses in the past several years have come against some of the guys we mentioned above. It’s time to realize that Bigfoot is an elite heavyweight, and while he’ll never sniff another shot at a title as long as Cain is alive, there just aren’t many guys in the world who can beat him.

Rapidly declining Light Heavies. It actually kinda saddens me that Shogun Rua and Ryan Bader have put themselves in a position to be fighting—not each other in a meaningful fight—but James Te Juna and Anthony Perosh, respectively. Both of those matchups are only significant in that they’re utterly insignificant. Since coming to the UFC, Rua’s been far less than stellar (only 5-6). Although he won the LHW belt, that achievement only highlighted how disappointing the rest of his UFC career has been. For Bader, he was once hyped as a future title contender. Instead, he’s now battling Perosh in hopes of getting back to an even .500 record over his last 8 bouts. Not that impressive. Sadly, both Rua and Bader are placeholders now. Need a recognizable name to fight on the main card? Try one of these guys. Sad but true.

Nam Phan at bantamweight. It’s no secret, Phan is a favorite of ours over here, and we’ve been hoping for this weight cut for a couple years now. Although he fought at Lightweight on TUF, he still looked extremely out-sized when he dropped to 145 pounds. So at 135, his exciting style actually might come with even more substance behind it. His opponent, Takeya Mizugaki is on a 3 fight winning streak, so this will be a test for Phan. At 2-4 in the UFC, I think there’s still plenty of time for him to put together a nice streak at bantamweight so he can continue to thrill us with a few more Fight of the Night type performances.


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