Another Diaz talking himself into a title shot? Nate might be getting somewhere

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

nate-diaz-double-birdIs it possible the Diaz brothers are the smartest guys in the world? It appears that Nate’s bizarre post-fight interview last weekend actually worked. He said some crazy things about him and Gilbert Melendez being the two top lightweights in the world. Champion Anthony Pettis—on the sidelines nursing an injury—was listening.

“Nate Diaz has been talking so much and in his last fight, he actually looked pretty decent, but it’s harder to judge against Gray Maynard. I hope Nate works his way up so we can fight…Nate’s been talking for a while. Even after his last fight, saying ‘this is the No. 1 and No. 2 lightweights in the world.’ That’s taking a shot directly at me. That belt’s in my front room. It’s there for a reason.”

If Pettis seriously wants to fight Diaz next (whenever that is), it wouldn’t be the first time a few off-handed (illogical) statements by a Diaz got inside someone’s head. Nick Diaz lost his chance at a title shot with Georges St-Pierre last year when Carlos Condit defeated him. But guess what? His mouth got GSP pretty angry. In fact, St-Pierre dropped everything to fight Nick; which is exactly what Nick wanted all along.

Is the same thing happening between Nate and Pettis? It isn’t quite to the extreme as Nick/GSP, but if egos continue to come into play, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we see Diaz/Pettis at some point in 2014.


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