10-8 Round? No explanation necessary; Bigfoot/Hunt was a DRAW

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events
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bigfoothuntMark Hunt and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva put on a show for us this weekend. In what may have been the best heavyweight fight in UFC history, these two guys had everyone on the edge of their seats the entire 5 round fight. And they knew it too. Afterwards, the two hugged it out and seemed to know that they just put on a fight that will be replayed for decades.

In fact—almost fittingly—there was no loser. The fight was declared a majority draw with one judge leaning 48-47 in favor of Hunt, while the othe4r two scored it 47-47. Even though my head was spinning over what I had just witnessed, I was still coherent enough to be confused by the 47-47s. Certainly there wasn’t a 10-8 in the mix, I assured myself. So there must be some kind of scenario where 9-9 rounds are given in extremely close rounds. Maybe that was an Australian rule?

But I was wrong. Two judges DID in fact give a 10-8 round. Both of them thought Hunt’s round 5 was dominant enough to give him that score. Let me start by saying this…THAT’S INSANE. Ok, I’m done with the feigned outrage. Now let me state another opinion…THAT FIGHT WAS DESERVEDLY RULED A DRAW.

Instead of getting bent out of shape that the scoring of one round may have been unjust, everyone should probably focus on the fact that the fight was amazing—and way too close to call a winner.

Judges get heat all the time for botched scorecards. But in this case, a weird ruling by two judges probably made this fight even better. And it definitely made it the outcome more accurate. I’m sure there are Bigfoot fans and Hunt fans quibbling over who really won, but I tend to not even care. I don’t know who won. I watched it three times and I still have no clue. Giving one of them a “win” doesn’t change my opinion of the fight at all. In fact, I think it punishes one of them (whoever would have gotten the loss) almost randomly.

This fight changed one thing for me. In VERY close fights, it now seems arbitrary to pick a winner. I think I’m a fan of draws now.


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