“Knockout Game” thug gets Soccerkicked; then GnP’d by would-be female “victim”

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Cool Stuff We Like

soccerkickRemember when we wrote about the new craze going around now where really cool and tough disgusting cowards and pussies run up behind an unsuspecting victim (usually women, children and old ladies) and fire off a punch hoping to knock them out in one punch? It’s called the Knockout Game, and the idea is to capture this act of manhood on video.

As revolting as this game is, here’s a video that might actually brighten your day. Let me give you a rundown first because it’s hard to make out at first. A group of cowards has just found a “mark”– a female walking in a mall alone. As they all ran up to watch, the dipshit delivered a knockout blow  swung and got a fist-full of air.

That’s when the woman started unleashing a vicious ground and pound attack on this fuck stain. But look closely at the beginning. You’ll see a dude who saw the whole thing come flying in to assist the girl. If you watch again, you’ll see a SICK soccer kick to the hooligan’s face. Hilarious!!! Watch for yourself at this link.



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