Is Dana White afraid Ben Askren would destroy the entire division?

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

askrenNew ONE FC welterweight Ben Askren has had an interesting run lately. First he was released—as a reigning undefeated champion—by Bellator. Then he was courted by the UFC, who declined to sign him. To pour salt in the wound, Dana White also slammed Askren and suggested he wasn’t good enough to fight in the UFC. Next he chose to sign with ONE over WSOF.

He thinks he has an idea why the UFC eventually passed on hiring him. He says they’re afraid he’d steamroll everyone in the division. “I think he (White)’s more nervous that I’m going to come over there and kick everyone’s ass. Maybe he thinks that would somehow verify that Bellator is a legitimate organization,” he told Bloody Elbow.

That sounds insane on the surface, but does he have a point? Sure he’s one dimensional. But that one dimension is so good that it’s possible he could stifle several top contenders with his wrestling brilliance alone.

If that did happen, however unlikely, would it lend credence to Bellator’s level in relation to the UFC? Actually I doubt it. In a way, it makes Bellator look stupid. If Askren was able to run the table and somehow win the belt—don’t get crazy, I’m saying IF it happened—wouldn’t it just send the message that Bellator doesn’t even care about having top level talent?

Here’s my opinion on White’s distaste for Askren. First, he’s boring as shit; White hates that. Second, he’d most likely enter the UFC as the best wrestler in the division—in some matchups, the disparity would be severe. That make Askren an immediate title contender based on the belief that he could work through much of the top 10 with only one dimension to his game. White in no way wants Askren as a headliner or a champion.

I think “Funky” is somewhat correct when he says they’re nervous he might beat everyone. It doesn’t mean they think he would do it, but I really believe they would crap themselves if he did.


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