Cody McKenzie is a goof ball

Posted: December 16, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

shorts1If there’s anyone on the UFC roster that a normal fan would think, “hey I think I could kick that guy’s ass,” it would be Cody McKenzie. He’s a skinny dude, not intimidating at all, and quite frankly, looks to have zero athleticism. He’s unconventional in the cage; and as we are learning, he’s just as strange outside the cage.

Over the weekend, McKenzie’s antics made everyone scratch their heads—including Dana White. Here’s what we think happened. McKenzie showed up to his fight wearing plain white basketball shorts that he purchased minutes before his fight—a loss to Sam Stout. He had no sponsors on his shorts (obviously), no banner, and a corner consisting crew of one person. Hell, referee Herb Dean ripped the price tag off his shorts inside the cage!

White wasn’t pleased, and called the whole thing “amateur hour” and “embarrassing.” He even wondered if perhaps McKenzie was going to fight in jeans and then decided at the last minute to run to Dick’s and get some $7.99 mesh basketball shorts. I’m guessing he found the plain white ones stashed in the discount bin because, let’s face it, who the hell would ever buy plain white basketball shorts?

After the fight, the story continued for McKenzie. There were reports that he slugged down a couple shots immediately after his fight, and chased them with two beers. A tweet from Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review Journal claimed McKenzie “spit the beer up” on himself. Hill then claimed McKenzie tried to go outside with a beer to smoke and was denied. All while bleeding.

This dude is eccentric—and he’s now 3-4 in the octagon.


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