Ronda claims rude TUF interview with Tate was because of Paul Walker’s death

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events

rondamieshaUFC champ Ronda Rousey took some hits from her unprofessional live interview at the TUF 18 Finale. If you remember, her over-the-top behavior and obvious disdain for being there with Miesha Tate stood out as the evening’s most awkward moment, if not the most disrespectful. Well, according to Rousey, there was more than meets the eye.

Earlier that day, news of Paul Walker’s death was circulating. Rousey worked with Walker on Fast and the Furious 7. She felt people at the event were bombarding her with comments about the tragedy just to see her reaction.

“Every single person who walked up to me was like ‘Oh my god, did you hear? Paul Walker died,’” she claimed. “It was like a piece of gossip and they couldn’t wait. They were hoping they would be the first one to tell me so they could see my reaction first, and I was just really disgusted with everyone’s behavior about that the whole night.”

She also said she was “heartbroken” when her “kids” lost earlier in the night. She’s was referring to Peggy Morgan, Davey Grant and Jessica Rakoczy.

I’m sure Walker’s death was weighing heavily on Ronda; and I’m sure seeing the members of her team lose was also not easy. But her mannerisms during that interview looked deliberately insolent. I don’t understand how watching her students lose would make her want to yawn on camera while Tate was speaking.

And is it just me, or is the 26 year old Rousey calling Morgan (34), Grant (28) and Rakoczy (36) her “kids” a little condescending?


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