What were the MOST and LEAST Impressive moments of UFC 168?

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events

howardslamUFC 168 brought us many individual comment-worthy moments. Some were a single move, while others were a slightly longer window of time. But here are some of our picks for most—and least—impressive moments at UFC 168. What were yours?

Most impressive

Chris Weidman’s 1st round. We all know the fight ended in a manner in which we’d rather forget about it. Weidman’s victory will unfortunately go down as an un-resounding one because of the circumstances. But look at the first round. Weidman successfully managed to gain significant momentum over Silva, easily handling him throughout the opening frame. He looked like a champion, and I hope everyone remembers that round as much as the way the fight ended.

Travis Browne’s 1 minute of destruction. Travis Browne just proved that he’s a legitimate title contender with his incredible—and quick—performance over one of the toughest guys in the world in Josh Barnett. Browne is equal parts giant (at 6’7”) and sleek (about 240 lbs). His new slimmed down physique has revealed his amazing athleticism. He worked Barnett with a big knee to the face, followed by several vicious elbows that put “Warmaster” in gaga land.

Ronda Rousey’s armbar. This was Rousey’s toughest test yet—that’s what everyone is saying. It’s probably true, but really she dominated the fight, despite it lasting more than her typical 2 or 3 minutes. Her judo throws were fantastic and the final armbar was a thing of beauty. It looked like she locked it in in about .000001 seconds.

John “Doomsday” Howard’s Death Valley Driver. I hope everyone got to see this slam. If you remember Perry Saturn from ECW and later WCW and WWE, he helped make the DVD one of the coolest finishing moves around in the 90s. Now we should call it the Doomsday Driver, because Howard pulled one off against Siyar Bahadurzada Saturday night. It was pretty sweet to say the least.

Least impressive

Ronda Rousey’s post-fight actions. Maybe she should just stay away from a microphone or camera. The world champion continues to draw the ire of fans everywhere she goes. I don’t k now the last time a champ was booed so heavily—and it wasn’t even because of a poor judges’ decision. She refused to shake Miesha Tate’s hand, and then gave a half-hearted explanation about inviting boos, like when she was in the Olympics. Not good for the face of womens MMA to be rubbing people this way.

Diego Brandao’s weigh-in. Not only did Brandao weigh 153 pounds in his 1st try, and 151.5 in his 2nd try; but he also apparently told opponent Dustin Poirier that he was going to stab him kin the neck. That’s going a little too far, don’t you think fat boy?

Josh Barnett’s physique. It’s safe to say Barnett has never had a body like Cheick Kongo. But seeing him disrobe before Saturday’s fight was shocking nonetheless. I’ve never seen him so doughy. He looked like a yeti.

Chris Leben. I think enough is enough. Leben has taken loads of damage over his career, but this might be the end. The most timid guy in the entire company just made Leben quit on his stool after only one round. Not impressive at all.


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