Bob Sapp defeats Fedor in 15 seconds!?

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

Bob-SaapThe fat joke of a mixed martial artist, Bob Sapp defeated all-time great Fedor Emelianenko yesterday in Japan. Well, kind of. It was actually a celebrity arm wrestling tournament, not a fight. The reason you know it wasn’t a fight was because I just used the phrase “Bob Sapp won.”

The last time anyone could accurately utter that sentence was when the professional loser entered a Who Sucks Most contest. Anyway, the televised event was a 17 man tournament (Side Note…who the hell thought of a 17 man tourney anyway?) featuring mostly sports celebrities like Sakuraba, Mark Hunt, kickboxer Jerome LeBanner, a handball star (whatever that is), a sumo or two, and a Japanese baseball legend.

Back to Sapp, he really sucks ass. To recap his dismal career, he is currently riding a pathetic 12 fight losing streak in MMA. He’s been finished quickly in EVERY one of those losses. Dude is brutal.


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