WTF of the Day — Someone stole GSP’s Belt

Posted: January 3, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news, Rumors

comks15789.jpg  BurglarHere’s a tip from the best criminal masterminds in the world…if you want to steal something, wait till the person gets in the shower. That’s exactly what happened (allegedly) to Georges St-Pierre’s championship belt following UFC 167. GSP explained the unlawful act this way.

“I’m taking my shower after the fight. I’m in my suit and tie, after that, they passed by, took the belt and they left with it, without even telling me. I have the belts I won before, but I don’t have the one from my last fight.”

I wonder if Dana White wore a disguise to snatch the belt. I can picture him in one of those black masks that really don’t disguise your identity at all like Robin, and dressed like a cat burglar (and yes, I’m picturing Dana himself pilfering the belt and running off into the night—your typical smash and grab job).

One thing about stealing a championship belt from a world champion fighter…you better be able to run really fast.


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